Embrace diversity and help refugees worldwide!

The number of people fleeing worldwide is still not diminishing. The circumstances in which refugees and displaced persons are forced to survive in unstable regions and at the external borders of Europe are often inhuman.

The number of initiatives that want to give a positive sound to the negative reports about ethnic groups and refugees in Dutch society is increasing.
The ‘Embracelet for Diversity’ addresses both these negative and positive developments.

The bracelet is designed by Omar Munie and produced in the sustainable atelier of the Dream Factory in The Hague. Each strap is handmade, unique and identical. In the Dream Factory, long-term unemployed persons are trained to become full-fledged employees. They create the bracelets with a lot of love. Further, they are offered the chance of a permanent job at Omar Munie.

The outside of the bracelet is made of used orange lifejackets, by which refugees have reached Europe alive. At Lesbos, these vests are gathered by the Movement on the Ground Foundation, the Amsterdam foundation which unconventionally commits itself to humanitarian care in the CamptoCampUS refugee camps.

On the leather inner side of the Omarm Band is the inscription: “I embrace diversity | By Omar Munie”. With this statement, you show that diversity is an added value to society.
By purchasing this bracelet, you support various companies that are committed to the refugees, such as Movement on the Ground, Cordaid, and The Dutch Tulip Foundation.

Together with Mr. Jozias van Aartsen, the Mayor of The Hague, the national ‘Embrace Diversity’ campaign will start on December 1, 2016.