Munie Meets Mondrian

Commissioned by The Hague Municipal Museum, Omar Munie has been able to develop and produce the ‘Munie Meets Mondrian’ bag line, a direct result of the ‘Mondrian to Dutch Design’ exhibition, 100 years ‘De Stijl’.
The Hague Municipal Museum has the world’s largest Mondrian collection and one of the largest “De Stijl” collections. With the “Munie Meets Mondrian”, the museum received a work of art: A full-leather business design bag, finished with high-quality metal hardware. The format is made suitable for MacBook Pro.
The bags are produced in a limited edition of 250 pieces. Each one is numbered and has a unique composition of planes and lines in Mondrian basic colours, both on the outside and inside. On April 13, 2017 the bag will be officially launched and presented to Mr. Benno Temple and Mr. Hans Buurman from The Hague Municipal Museum.

The price of this limited edition Omar Munie bag is €280. The bags only for sale in the museum shop of The Hague Municipal Museum, the flagship store at Noordeinde 43T, in The Hague and in the online shop.

Would you like to be assured of the exclusive ‘Munie Meets Mondrian’ bag before April 13th, 2017? Please pre-order, then, at