Italian warmth for cold Dutch winters

For my ‘Cavo Collection’ I was inspired by the cable leather pattern. This always reminds me of the cosy, but above all cold winters, in the early years I spent in the Netherlands. I always wore a cable-knit sweater, to keep myself nice and warm. I have combined the cable leather, produced by a passionate Italian family business, with our traditional Dutch leather. The idea of this collection is based on that fusion of pure craftsmanship.

The exclusive bags have a businesslike but also youthful appearance, so you can use them for any occasion. Each bag is available in black, gray, burgundy and cognac, each of them matching the season. All bags are hand made of cowhide leather in our own atelier in The Hague, in limited editions of 25. A colourful satin lining and the easily recognizable ‘Dutch Made by Omar Munie’ logo adorn the inside of every bag and give it the finishing touch.