‘Live Your Dream’ by Omar Munie


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    Omar is graduated VET student. In 2007, Omar munie was voted Star Pupil of the Year. In that same year, he started his own business, initially at his mother’s kitchen table and later in his workshop on Binckhorst Avenue in The Hague.

    Nowadays he runs a successful business and with the opening last year of a luxurious flagship store in Rotterdam he has taken another step in extending his business. This Flagship store is a fine example o the way Omar operates. This store is for the greater part established because Omar brought several companies and schools together. With their support a very special store was created. On each floor you’ll see the work and influence from VET-students.

    The store is not only about selling bags, it’s also a place for education an relaxation.

    In 2009 Omar was appointed to VET-marshal. In 2009 and 2010 he travelled all over the country in a special truck to motivate and inspire VET-students. He is also very dedicated to a number of initiatives to promote handcraft and skills. Omar is an innovator and always puts in that little extra which distinguish him in a positive way.

    Omar is role model for VET-students, who can identify themselves with him. With his book Omar wants to tribute to their motivation to not only finish their education, but also expand their horizon. He hopes to inspire people to make an effort to realize their dreams.

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