😲😲Derek Hough Net Worth 2023 [20th June 2023] [Wife, Salary, Mansion, Cars, Biography]😲😲

😲😲Derek Hough Net Worth 2023 [20th June 2023] [Wife, Salary, Mansion, Cars, Biography]😲😲

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About Derek Hough

Derek Hough Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on May 17, 1985, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Derek Hough comes from a family with deep roots in dance and performance. Growing up with four sisters, all of whom are also talented dancers, he was immersed in the world of dance from a young age. His parents, Mari Anne, and Bruce Hough, were both dance instructors, nurturing his passion and fostering his natural talent.

Hough’s professional career kicked off when he participated in the fourth season of the reality competition series “Dancing with the Stars” in 2007. Paired with a celebrity partner and actress Jennie Garth, he showcased his exceptional talent and claimed the fourth position in the competition. This breakthrough opened the doors to numerous opportunities and propelled Hough into the limelight.

Dancing with the Stars and Other Television Ventures (300 words): Derek Hough’s greatest claim to fame comes from his participation in the immensely popular dance competition series “Dancing with the Stars.” Hough’s exceptional skill, charm, and ability to connect with audiences led him to win the show’s coveted mirrorball trophy a record-breaking six times. His impressive victories came alongside celebrity partners such as Brooke Burke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Amber Riley, further solidifying his status as one of the show’s most celebrated professional dancers.

Beyond his appearances on “Dancing with the Stars,” Hough expanded his television career in various ways. In 2013, he joined the judges’ panel on the show and continued to provide his expertise and constructive criticism to aspiring dancers for multiple seasons. Hough’s dynamic and engaging personality made him a fan favorite and helped solidify his position as a household name.

Derek Hough’s Broadway, Film, and Other Ventures

Derek Hough‘s talent transcends the television screen. In 2010, he made his Broadway debut in the musical “Burn the Floor,” showcasing his versatility as a performer on stage. The success of his Broadway stint led to further opportunities, including a leading role in the 2016 production of “Singin’ in the Rain” at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris.

Hough’s success continued to flourish in the world of film as well. In 2017, he starred as Donny in the feature film “Make Your Move,” directed by Duane Adler. Additionally, he appeared as a guest judge on popular competition shows like “World of Dance” and “So You Think You Can Dance,” further cementing his reputation as an influential figure in the dance industry.

Aside from his appearances on television and in theaters, Hough has embarked on numerous entrepreneurial ventures. He released a fitness DVD titled “Derek Hough: Dance with Julianne Cardio Ballroom” alongside his sister Julianne Hough, a fellow dancer and actress. The DVD was well-received and added to Hough’s growing portfolio of successes.

Derek Hough’s Net Worth and Earnings

As of 2023, Derek Hough’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. His substantial wealth can be attributed to his diverse range of ventures and his ability to leverage his talent and popularity.

A significant portion of Hough’s earnings stems from his appearances on “Dancing with the Stars.” As a professional dancer on the show, he earned an impressive salary, and his numerous victories only served to enhance his value. Additionally, his later role as a judge also contributed to his financial success.

Hough’s foray into Broadway, film, and other television projects also contributed to his growing net worth. These ventures provided additional income streams and expanded his fan base, allowing him to command higher fees for appearances and performances.

Furthermore, Hough’s entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration with his sister Julianne Hough have proven to be lucrative. Their fitness DVD release and other potential business endeavors have allowed them to diversify their income and capitalize on their shared talents.

Derek Hough Hobbies and Personal Interests

Derek Hough, known for his exceptional dance skills and charismatic performances, also has a range of hobbies and interests that complement his artistic pursuits. Beyond the world of dance, Hough’s personal interests reflect his vibrant personality and his desire for exploration and creativity.

One of Hough’s prominent hobbies is music. He has a deep appreciation for various genres and enjoys playing musical instruments such as the guitar and piano. Music provides him with an outlet for self-expression and allows him to delve into a different form of artistic expression.

In addition to music, Hough is an avid outdoorsman. He finds solace and inspiration in nature, whether it’s hiking in the mountains, exploring new trails, or engaging in water sports like paddleboarding or surfing. The great outdoors offers him a chance to recharge, connect with the natural world, and find balance amidst his busy schedule.

Fitness and health are also essential aspects of Hough’s life. As a professional dancer, he maintains a disciplined fitness routine to stay in peak physical condition. He enjoys various forms of exercise, including strength training, Pilates, and yoga. Hough also encourages a healthy lifestyle and often shares fitness tips and workout routines with his fans and followers.

Furthermore, Hough is known to have a philanthropic side. He actively supports charitable causes and engages in community service projects. He has participated in numerous benefit performances and has used his platform to raise awareness and funds for various organizations.


Derek Hough’s net worth of approximately $10 million reflects the immense success he has achieved throughout his career. From his breakthrough on “Dancing with the Stars” to his expanding presence on Broadway, film, and other television shows, Hough has cemented his place as a highly talented and sought-after performer. His entrepreneurial ventures have further added to his financial accomplishments, solidifying his status as a multifaceted artist with an impressive net worth. As he continues to entertain and inspire audiences worldwide, Derek Hough‘s star is sure to shine even brighter in the years to come.

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