The catering and hospitality industry has an increasing need for unique and customized products. Hospitality owners who want to give their business image an extra edge are willing to invest in the overall guest experience. Not only what is being served to guests is important, but also the way it is presented is gaining more attention.

Therefore Omar Munie has developed a foodservice line. The leather products from this collection are beautifully coordinated in terms of colour, material and style. Of course, it is possible to customize anything to your wishes and house style, such as by adding your company logo or adapting the content of the menu folders.

Examples of our catering products are:

  • Menu folders;
  • Wine lists;
  • Bib aprons;
  • Neck aprons;
  • Belt bags;
  • Napkin rings;
  • Placemats;
  • Coasters;
  • Cutlery.

For several years there has been a strong partnership between Omar Munie, Colorworks and Covered by Linda. We have combined our expertise and networks, allowing us to develop new, creative and unique products.

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