Munie café

Always wanted to enjoy a tasteful cup of coffee while eating an exclusive home-made macaron? Visit the ‘Munie Cafe’ in the Omar Munie Store, The Hague! Easily take place on one of the custom designed velvet chairs.

The ‘Munie Cafe’ stands for experience. Here we serve immaculate Illy coffee. This is no ordinary coffee, because our supplier works with the best harvests of three different continents. Illy combines passion for beauty and craftsmanship into contemporary art. This made the ‘Illy Art Collection’ come to life. A collection processed into six designs of artist Max Petrone. Discover the designs at the ‘Munie Cafe’ while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

Tea is served in its purest form. The ‘Munie Cafe’ offers a broad and a high quality assortment of Damman teas. This tea is praised by tea connoisseurs from all over the world and is as of now available in our cafe.

The cafe also presents home-made macarons and cakes, that are passionately made by baker Soraya. Century old traditions are taken into account when she makes new recipes with a modern twist. Bold flavours like Ferrero chocolate, carrot cake and red velvet are definitely worth giving a try.