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Omar Munie

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Omar Munie | Photo: Maartje Geels

Omar Munie (1986) is a young and talented Dutch designer. Thanks to his creativity and perseverance, he has become a well-known designer in the Dutch fashion industry. More and more people consider his bags to be the perfect combination of functionality and design.

From a refugee with a dream, to successful designer
Due to the civil war in his native Somalia, Omar fled to the Netherlands at the age of nine, with his brothers and sister. His aim was to start a new life and focus on the future. Omar’s mother wanted him to became an accountant, but at a young age Omar realized that he would rather work as a craftsman and fulfil his passion for creativity.
He went to fashion school and worked hard to develop his talents. Shortly after, he made his first handbags, which he instantly sold to the girls in his class. As a result, he founded his own company, Omar Munie Clothing, while he was still at college. After being in business for only six months, Omar was invited to appear on Dutch TV shows. During his studies he even went to New York to present and sell his bags at Macy’s, a large department store.
A year after founding his company, Omar won the prestigious ‘Best Student of the Year’ award, which gave him the opportunity to start his own atelier on Binckhorstlaan in The Hague. Many more awards followed, including ‘Best Entrepreneur Under the Age of 25’, ‘Most Innovative Entrepreneur 2011’ and a lifetime achievement award in 2013 for a sustainable design bag manufactured from recycled KLM uniforms.

Omar Munie
In 2006, Omar Munie’s dream came true when he introduced his bag label ‘Omar Munie’. Since then, the company has become one of Netherlands’ most famous bag labels. In 2010, Omar Munie opened his Omar Munie Flagship Store, on Coolsingel in Rotterdam. In 2013, the Omar Munie Flagship Store moved to the prestigious Noordeinde location in The Hague.

Our organization
Within the Omar Munie organization, the following core values are our key concern: Dream, Dutch Design, Diversity and Sustainability.
Dreams have always been a great inspiration to Omar. They provided him with hope, creativity and understanding of his chances. As Vocational Student of the Year in 2007, he has been an inspiration to his classmates. Omar offers other people future prospects and helps them pursue their dreams by giving lectures and classes and organising learning and working programmes.
1. Dutch Design has become synonymous with quality worldwide. The exclusive top-level bags hand made by Omar Munie are sold at the world’s most expensive department stores and worn by celebrities. International high quality is key in the realization of all products and services.
2. Diversity and inclusivity are part of the company’s DNA. The growing group of employees is distinguished by a high degree of diversity and has been the powerful engine of the innovative, creative and social enterprise right from the start.
3. Sustainability is a self-evident prerequisite for production and operations. All products are Dutch-made from materials sourced from reliable suppliers. In the Dream Factory, discarded materials are given a second life and are recycled into high-quality consumer products.

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